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How can I set up tracking for Imonetizeit offers?
How can I set up tracking for Imonetizeit offers?
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If you work with such an affiliate network as Imonetizeit, you need to carry out the following settings:

1) Select an affiliate network Imonetizeit from the templates and save it.

2) Place a pre-set postback at the side of Imonetizeit:

Important note: If you don't place the postback at the side of Imonetizeit, conversions won't be tracked.

3) For automatic offers upload, assign your Imonetizeit account. For this press the button Assign account.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don't have approved offers in your Imonetizeit account, you don't need to assign account, moreover, you won't be able to do it. In this case you can skip this stage and move to Step 4.

Then enter your Imonetizeit account ID and API key.

4) Check options 4.1 and 4.2.

4.1 If you don't have added offers and work with smartlink instead, go to sections Offers -> Create new offer and input your offer URL. At the same time select the affiliate network for the offer accordingly.

4.2 If you have assigned accounts, go to the Offers section and click Create Offer. Select assigned account's offer, affiliate network and your account.

5) After create a campaign with your offer. Section Campaigns - Create a campaign and on Step 2 add earlier created offer.

6) After adding the offer, click Done.

As a result you will get a campaign URL which you need to place at your traffic source for tracking purposes.

Additional options:

  • For better work with your campaign, we advise you to use your custom domain

  • If you need to add a landing page, add it to the sections Landing pages - Use a self-hosted landing page. For correct work pay attention that the campaign domain and the click URL domain have to correspond. Therefore if you use a custom domain in the campaign, change the domain in click URL as well. After adding a landing page, add it to the campaign with your offer.

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