To make a quick set-up for Push House-CPA House campaigns, you need to follow the next steps:

Settings at the side of AdsBridge:

  1. Create a Traffic Source. Push House is available in our templates, so you just need to select Push House from the list and click apply. All necessary settings will filled in automatically.

2. Create an Affiliate Network. CPA House is also pre-configured and available in templates.

3. Place the postback at the side of CPA House. You need to insert the postback link from the tracker (pulled up after completing the previous ste) in your account at the side of CPA House.

4. Create an offer and a landing page (if necessary). In the field “URL”, insert the link of your offer, and in the Advanced settings section select the CPA House as an affiliate network.

5. Create a Campaign.

Step 1 - Filling in the basic settings. Since your traffic source has already been preconfigured, all the required fields will be filled in. We recommend to select CPV - the cost per visit, as a cost model.

Step 2 - Filling in the default rule: if there is no Landing page, enable the Direct link checkbox, add an Offer. Also, if necessary, you can add additional rules.

The result of creating a campaign will be a tracking link which must be placed on the traffic source.

Settings at the side of CPA House

Place the postback link from the tracker in the Postback URL field and switch on all the checkboxes “Statuses”.

Where can you see campaign statistics?

Please note that only conversions with the approved status (in this case "accepted") will be displayed in the General report. Conversions with the other statuses will be displayed in the Conversion Report.

If some of the checkboxes are not marked at the side of CPA House, then conversions with such statuses won't be passed to the tracker.

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