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1.3 How does tracking work?
1.3 How does tracking work?

The overall scheme of tracking between a traffic source, AdsBridge and affiliate network.

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The overall scheme looks like this: Traffic Source -> Tracker -> Affiliate Network’s Offer

  1. A user visits a site with your advertisement, clicks on it, and is redirected through your ad campaign’s link. This will be counted as a ‘visit’ in our tracker. 

  2. If you use a landing page, then the user will be redirected to it. Upon clicking the CTA button on your landing page, the user will be sent to your offer, which will be counted in our tracker as a ‘click’.  If a landing page is not used, upon click the user will be redirected to an offer. In this case, the amount of ‘visits’ and ‘clicks’ will be the same. 

  3. A user arrives at your offer and is now a possible ‘conversion’. 

  4. Correctly set post-back, which has already been placed in the affiliate network, sends us the information about the conversion, and we record it in the statistics. 

  5. If desired, you can place traffic sources’ post-back into our tracker’s interface, allowing information relating to conversions to be directed to the traffic source.  

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