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1.2 What are the features and benefits that you’ll receive with AdsBridge?
1.2 What are the features and benefits that you’ll receive with AdsBridge?
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AdsBridge is a SaaS tracker that provides quick redirects and allows you to save money on hosting and servers. The main benefits of our tracker are:

  • Precise targeting – a traffic distribution system that sends traffic through 18 parameters. You are able to purchase targeted and non-targeted traffic, set up precise targeting, analyze this traffic, receive detailed statistics, as well as monetize it. 

  • Split-testing – with AdsBridge, it is very easy to discover which offer or landing page is working better. In the case of having one offer on several CPA networks, you will be able to see which network is producing more conversions as well as how many redirects are happening before a user arrives at the offer. 

  • Campaign auto-optimization – This function helps differentiate profitable landing pages and offers that have the best indicators of EPV/EPC in real time and then proceeds to send traffic to those landing pages/offers. 

  • Built-in landing page editor (visual and HTML) - it is possible to create, customize, and then test the landing pages. All landing pages are hosted on our side and all the graphic content works through a CDN provider with whom we cooperate. 

  • ‘Hide referrer’ function - this function allows you to redirect undesirable traffic onto a neutral domain. AdsBridge provides a default domain for that, but it is possible to add your own. 

  • Multi-user access – media buys teams can work on AdsBridge under one account. This will allow you to track and monitor the performance of each manager, as well as limit permission for beginners.

    Manual bot filter – With AdsBridge it is possible to set up a bot filter to protect landing pages and offers while discarding bot traffic. 

  • Redirect domains – there is a possibility to connect an unlimited amount of redirect domains. 

  • First-class support – AdsBridge provides an individual approach to each client. Our team is prepared to improve the platform and find a solution to any issue that may occur. 

  • Flexible pricing policy – You can choose a pricing plan suitable to you, depending on your budget and traffic volume.

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