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2.4 Instructions on traffic distribution and redirect rules
2.4 Instructions on traffic distribution and redirect rules
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Traffic distribution system that you will be able to see on the second step of your campaign creation will allow you to distribute traffic according to a set of 18 existing rules:

  • Country

  • State/Region

  • City

  • Token

  • Language

  • Traffic type

  • IP address

  • OS

  • ISP

  • Carrier

  • Connection type

  • Device type

  • Device manufacturer

  • Device model

  • Referrer

  • Browser

  • Day of week

  • Time of day

  • Useragent

  • Uniqueness

Use these rules when there are offers with different requirements for incoming traffic in your campaign . It is also necessary when you want to set more precise targeting for you traffic, using rules mentioned above. In one distribution rule, you can add a couple more rules for a more exact targeting. In the redirect rules you can specify the conditions “equal to” or “not equal”.

For some rules, (i.e. tokens, referrers, useragent) the options like “contains” or “does not contain” are available, that verify the satisfaction of the rules for partial matches.If individual rules of different distribution rules will be crossed, the distribution rule with great coincidence of parameters will work first. And if the number the parameters' matches will be the same, then rule that is higher on the list will work first, as a priority.

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