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2.7 A detailed explanation of different cost models
2.7 A detailed explanation of different cost models
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AdsBridge supports various cost models. 

  • CPV – (Cost Per Visit) the value you enter into the field, will be recorded as the cost of each redirect on a link (within your campaign). This cost model supports dynamic tracking. Thus you can transmit the cost of each redirect in the “Cost value” parameter.

  • CPA – (Cost Per Action) this is the value entered into the statistics as the cost per conversion. 

  • CPM – (Cost Per Mille) this model is based on the price per thousand impressions of your advertisement. Impressions does not mean visits, but means that the advertisement was shown or displayed to the user. In order to track the cost of this model, it is necessary for you to set up impression tracking, using the settings within the respective FAQ section. This model also supports dynamic tracking. To do so, it is necessary to transmit the cost of CPM in the “Costs” parameter. 

  • RevShare – these costs are calculated as a percentage of cost-per-conversion for each conversion.

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