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5.3 Why are the checkboxes “campaign tokens” and “tracking tokens” needed?
5.3 Why are the checkboxes “campaign tokens” and “tracking tokens” needed?
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With the function “Campaign tokens” switched on, every time users navigate to your offer’s link, the campaign tokens will be attached to that link. This function is helpful in the instance when the offer’s link is in the standard format.
For example:<token1>&s2=<token2>  (meaning that the parameters are separated by the ‘&’ sign and transmitted in the format ‘name of parameter=value of parameter). 

Tracking token: a very important parameter in setting up conversion tracking. If you have already configured this within the affiliate network settings, and have chosen an appropriate affiliate network, then this parameter will be filled automatically in this field.  This field is useful for transferring unique click identifier onto networks which have links in standard format.  
For example: by noting the checkbox and entering a value of s3, the offer’s link will look like this -<tid>.  

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