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Do you have preset traffic sources?
Do you have preset traffic sources?
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You can use any traffic source and can even independently set one up. We have provided a list of ready-to-go traffic sources. This lists contains trusted traffic sources, represented by our partners. 

  • ExoClick

  • TrafficHunt        

  • MediaHub      

  • PropellerAds

Aside from our trusted traffic sources, here is a list of other popular sources:

  • 50onRed (Intext, Pop, Search)

  • AirPush

  • BuzzCity

  • Decisive

  • Go2mobi

  • Google Adwords

  • InMobi

  • LeadBolt

  • MobFox

  • PlugRush

  • PopAds

  • Reporo

  • TrafficFactory

  • TrafficForce

  • TrafficJunky

Choose a traffic source, and all the settings will be automatically set up. If you cannot find your required source then you must set it up independently.
To accommodate any traffic source in the templates, please visit

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