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Where can I find out about the parameters which I can use in postback?
Where can I find out about the parameters which I can use in postback?
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You can look at the meaning of each parameter in the "Tracking pixel" section (
Here is a list of available parameters:

  • tid – serves for conversion tracking. It is used for passing the AdsBridge click ID from affiliate network back to tracker. It is the only required parameter in the postback without which conversions won’t be passed. After the “=” sign in this parameter, you need to insert affiliate network macro instead of YOUR_NETWORK_TOKEN, which will be replaced by the value that came in a parameter entered in the Tracking Sub ID field when setting an offer.

  • amt – passes the dynamic value of a payout for conversion.

  • txid – is set only for CPS offers. It allows tracking of several conversions from one click ID. 

  • cdata – passes any parameter straight to the source traffic without saving on our side.

  • status - parameter for transmission of conversion statuses. You can read more on the tracking conversion statuses here:

To set the postback correctly, you need to substitute placeholders like YOUR_NETWORK_TOKEN, REPLACE with the relevant parameters of your affiliate network and delete the part of the postback, that won't transfer any information.

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