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Is it possible to remove bot traffic from the statistics?
Is it possible to remove bot traffic from the statistics?
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Many traffic sources are concerned as to whether their traffic has reached the specified destination. Therefore, your campaigns must go through the process of moderation by bots before the real traffic goes on them.
In order to send these bots somewhere else or determine the number of bot clicks, you can set up our bot filter.You will find it in the "Campaigns" section.There two stages of setting: general and rules. On the "General" tab you can:

  1. Enable or disable the filter

  2. Select the filter type– The filter lets you send the bot traffic elsewhere. – Tracking only determines bots and distributes them by the targeting rules of your campaign.

  3. Select the site for sending the bot traffic in case of the "Filtering" type. On the "Rules" tab you can set the rules for filtering.The setting is the same as for the distribution rules in a campaign. Traffic that corresponds to the set rules here will be determined as bot, and will be either filtered or simply counted in the statistics as a bot traffic according to your settings.After setting the bot filter, you enable it in the campaign settings, on the second step.In order to view these bot events in the statistics, simply mark the corresponding boxes: 

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