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How can I set up tracking for Imonetizeit offers?
How can I set up tracking for Imonetizeit offers?
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If you work with such an affiliate network as Imonetizeit, you need to carry out the following settings:

1) Select an affiliate network Imonetizeit from the templates and save it.

2) Place a pre-set postback at the side of Imonetizeit:

Important note: If you don't place the postback at the side of Imonetizeit, conversions won't be tracked.

3) Go to sections Offers -> Create new offer and input your offer URL. At the same time select the affiliate network for the offer accordingly.

4) After create a campaign with your offer. Section Campaigns - Create a campaign and on Step 2 add earlier created offer.

6) After adding the offer, click Done.

As a result you will get a campaign URL which you need to place at your traffic source for tracking purposes.

Additional options:

  • For better work with your campaign, we advise you to use your custom domain

  • If you need to add a landing page, add it to the sections Landing pages - Use a self-hosted landing page. For correct work pay attention that the campaign domain and the click URL domain have to correspond. Therefore if you use a custom domain in the campaign, change the domain in click URL as well. After adding a landing page, add it to the campaign with your offer.

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